Again, Dangerous Visions

by Viridians

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Viridian's first studio efforts.


released April 12, 2012

Songs written and recorded between April 2011- April 2012
Drums recorded at Musirex studios
Guitars, bass and vocals tracking and mixing by Textures Productions (that's us!)
Editing, mixing and mastering by Meghan Graham and Andrew Yankiwiski
Album art and design by Alexis Flower



all rights reserved


Viridians Winnipeg, Manitoba

The new "[sp]arrows" EP will be available for purchase and download on 04/20/2013!!

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Track Name: Instinct's Tides
Leap into
wingless flight
lessened to
instict tides

reaching out
reaching to cup the roaring air
signing our homecoming at last

send in the skies
roll in the clouds
the sun has yet
to set
Track Name: The Visionary
Eye to eye
He'd deny it
A crippling throne
You bought it

Peer in clouded eyes
Searching for solace
We wanted to be there someday

Parachutes in a heavy reign
Thrown amiss
He bought you out

Peel your clouded eyes
Searching for solace
We wanted to be there someday

Would you wake up
Track Name: Nauts
''Don't hurt''
I can see the pain is now honed
taken aback?
''no regrets''
(while) holding the weight in your heart

better telling? or left unsaid...

''no words''
I can see your pain is now honed
taking me back
''don't forget''
what's going on?
(stop) holding the weight in your heart

Hold me to those words
I'll take them where they go
mold, and i'll be yours
leave and you'll believe in other ways

I concede my own
I concieved another way home

givin' it away
give it up
Track Name: Asterix
You know, had it been nothing else but the salt in your wounds
you're looking for her
you're looking forward
where to go?

Getting in the way
it's no longer important (it's lost it's importance)
to you...

in your head
you held her hand
derail what's left
the motions set

Feed the heart of a sleeping omen
These bloodshot eyes have another mind
sought out the1 release of his soul

you're look forever
etched in my soul
will you know?
Track Name: The Architect
For you to see me at all
sever the nest, is your vision undressed?
'cause the sky awaits
For you to see me fall
sever the nest, these visions attest to the ''other ways...''

Searching clouded eyes
you're searching for solace
a serpent in disguise
you're searching for solace

settling down
we marked the streets
you showed us our ways